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Best Hangboards for Beginners 2019

Training with a hangboard (also known as a fingerboard) can be a great way to improve your finger strength – especially when it’s the limiting factor in your climbing after you’ve reached a plateau. We’ve all been there, you get

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Scarpa Crux

Scarpa Crux Review

The Scarpa Crux approach shoe is still by far one of the most popular approach shoes around and with good reason.  The Crux will be there to give you the grip and support you need on those sketchy scrambles and

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Best Hiking Leggings of 2020

Are hiking leggings even a thing?  We’re all familiar with the usual shapeless hiking pants we normally see in outdoor stores but what we wanted something more flattering and comfortable that isn’t instantly destroyed the second you graze a thorny

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image of many different types of belay devices arranged in a circle

Gear Guide: Belay Device Types

When walking around the climbing wall or crag you may notice climbers using a few different types of belay devices. Read on to know what types of belay devices actually exist and which is the best belay device for you

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Rock Climbing in Style

Best Quickdraws of 2019

Quickdraws are an essential safety component in your sport or trad climbing arsenal.  Just as crucial as your harness and rope, quickdraws help connect you to whatever you’re climbing in case you have a fall.  Sounds pretty important to me! 

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best climbing pants feature

Best Climbing Pants of 2019

Climbing pants (or trousers if you speak the Queen’s english) tend to be something of an afterthought.  We may think very carefully about which climbing shoes to invest in or which puffer jacket offers the best warmth-to-weight ratio but we

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The Essential Fontainebleau Bouldering Guide

Fontainebleau, France is a town only 55km south-east of Paris.  It has a lovely Château, heaps of forest…oh and it’s also home to the biggest bouldering mecca in the world!  Fontainebleau (we’ll be calling it ‘Font’ from here, though the French

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Rock Climbing for Kids: the Benefits

If you’re wondering whether to give rock climbing a try for your child then read on.  Here I’ll detail everything you need to know about what regular climbing can do for your child physically, mentally and even socially.   Teaching

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How to Start Rock Climbing?

Welcome climbing newbie to our new series answering the questions asked most by new climbers.  The amount of information out there about the sport can be downright overwhelming.  Here we’ve put together clear and simple answers to get you started

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Simple Beginner Hangboard Workout

Training patiently and consistently on hangboards (sometimes called fingerboards) is a fantastic way to strengthen a wide variety of climbing-specific muscles along with your finger strength. Why both improving your finger strength?  On vertical or slab routes, the vast majority

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