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Choosing a chalk bag for when you’re heading out to the climbing wall or crag is a pretty personal thing.  Whether you choose to wear your chalk bag slung on your hips while cruising up a sport route or on the mats as a boulder bucket, we know it’s saying something about you and who you are.  We’ve rounded up some of the finest options out there – there’ll be something for everyone.  And if we missed your favourite, tell us in the comments.  🙂

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Chalk Bags (to wear)

These kooky chalk bags come in a range of different ‘faces’ and they all come with an adjustable clip belt and carabiner.  The pouch comes with a drawstring closure and fleece lining.  Check out what other variations they have (there are loads!) by clicking on an image or the sub-heading.

The Arc’teryx C40 is tough, it’s supple and large.  Perfect if you want a no-nonsense chalk bag with a wide opening, no more trying to squeeze your hands into tiny bags!  The C40 comes with a waist-belt, external security pocket, brush holder and drawcord closure.

For those that get a touch of wanderlust, these beauties are themselves handwoven in the Andes with love.  Comes with a waist-belt, drawstring closure and three colour variations.

Arc’teryx’s one of a kind Aperture chalk bag features a unique twist closure mechanism that seals in the chalk for those that hate chalk escaping into their bags.  It also reduces down the volume of the chalk bag to make for easier transport.  Comes with a waist-belt, brush holder and a range of colours.

Another great offering from Evolv, their knitted chalk bags come in a range of great colours including Pride!  Comes with a waist-belt, drawstring closure and low-pile fleece interior.

Bouldering Chalk Buckets

Mammut’s offering here is big and when I say big I mean 12 inches length-wise big.  It can hold a lot of chalk, but there’s also plenty of pockets for storing all your other items too – brush, phone, wallet, guide book, the works!  This is the ultimate adventure boulder bag.  Features include a roll-top closure to stop chalk escaping, internal and external pockets and a stable base so it can stand on it’s own.  Also comes in a three different colours.

The Prana Pranzo is another sizeable offering in our list with it’s 13×13 inch size, capable of holding mounds of chalk as well as anything else you fancy toting around with you.  The Pranzo features a super soft fleece lining, roll-top leakproof closure,  brush hooks and 3 external pockets.  Prana have done a great job, you can see the quality in the material and construction and expect this bag to be with you for many adventures to come.  This chalk bucket is available in two variations.

The Black Diamond Mondo has a sleek and simple design with magnets at the opening in case the pot is accidentally knocked over.  The roll top closure ensures a leak-proof seal and forms a handle for easy transport.  The Mondo also features two external pockets big enough for a phone, brush etc and comes in a variety of colours.

These chalk buckets are handmade in San Diego, California with love.  They have a rugged and durable wax canvas construction which means it’s also water repellent.  Perfect if you live in areas prone to unexpected showers.  Features a soft fleece interior, front pouches for brushes and a secure zippered pocket on the back for your phone/wallet.  The opening has a velcro closure that also rolls down and secures nicely so you can rest assured no chalk will be seeping out anytime soon.  Comes in a range of colours and prices depending on if the model is a limited edition one.  Bit pricier than the others on this list which is why we’ve called it our fancy pick.

The DMM Edge is one that has been around for absolute ages and I’m betting you have at least one friend that owns one and there’s good reason for that.  This your no-nonsense dependable and functional chalk bag with a drawstring closure and wide base.  Features brush loops and pockets galore and an easy grab handle for those times you need to grab and go!  A classic, affordable and deserving entry into our list.

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