40 Perfect Gifts for Rock Climbers Whatever Your Budget

Need some gift ideas for a special rock climber in your life?  Fear not, we have plenty of suggestions – we’ve split them into gifts under $20, $50 and $100 – that the lucky climber in your life will be sure to love!  🙂   Take me to gifts:


Gifts for Rock Climbers Under $20

They may look funny but these glasses can be an absolute life saver when stuck belaying a partner all day.  Belayers’ neck is real!  Help your loved one avoid it with a pair of these.  Not necessary for those who boulder only but great for anyone doing any roped climbing.

A classic climber item that never gets old.  The climber in your life will always be grateful for another one of these to model at the crag.  And it’s a well known fact one can’t send a project without it!

Climbers will always need replacement brushes when their old ones get eaten away.  After all, a clean route with grease and sweat-free holds give them the best chance of successfully sending their projects.  These come as a two-pack with extra-durable boar bristle hairs to boot!

Climb On is a fantastic soothing and moisturising beeswax-based balm to apply to rough, cracked and callused hands.  The abuse climbers put their skin through is probably why you see them staring so intently at them all the time!  Not to mention the drying action of using chalk frequently.  They’re also manufactured in the USA with all-organic ingredients – win!

There comes a point when most climbers get calluses so big it literally digs into their skin when pressure is applied from climbing.  So to get around this problem many climbers sand down their calluses to keep their hands in tip-top shape.  These are double-sided and come with replaceable sandpaper of equal rough or fine grain.

One of the best things a climber can do to improve their climbing ability is to improve their grip strength.  These handy exercisers from Gripmaster are portable, affordable and have the ability to strengthen fingers individually.  Great when on-the-go or when they need to relieve a bit of stress.

Climbing magazine is one of the oldest and best known climbing-specific magazines out there.  You can buy a lucky climber an entire year’s subscription either electronically or in print for under $20.

Friction Labs burst onto the scene not too long ago but already have a large following.  Their chalk comes in three different texture options and sizes.  They are a bit of a luxury chalk option in my opinion so go ahead and spoil that special climber in your life.

Legend’s Creek Farm make a wonderful salve but how does it compare to the Climb On balm?  Well due to the natural oils incorporated, the Joshua Tree salve has an oilier texture rather than the waxier feel of Climb On.  Personally I’ve found they work equally well for different things – I use Climb On for my palms and calluses and use Joshua Tree on my finger tips and knuckles.  

These massage rollers are an absolute godsend after a hard day’s training at the wall or crag.  The ball rotates freely within the frame for easy manoeuvrability to ease sore muscles and work out any knots.  Can be used solo or even better with someone else.  Indispensable.

If you have a climber in mind that thinks they’re a bit Bear Grylls then this is the gift for you.  The LifeStraw removes 99.99% of waterborne bacteria, parasites and microplastics.  They’re easy to use and you can even feel good about yourself as buying one ensures a schoolchild in need will have clean drinking water for a year – perfect.

An extensive book on how to improve climbing technique including plenty of exercises and drills to practice.  The topics covered include movement skills, endurance (both anaerobic and aerobic), strength, and power.  The information is backed up with plenty of peer-reviewed scientific evidence.  

Climbers are usually either injured or trying to prevent injury and luckily Therabands can aid in both. By incorporating different exercises into their sessions, they can keep their muscles and joints in fighting shape.

This book focuses mainly on the mental and emotional aspect of climbing – a topic that is absolutely crucial but seldom covered.  Fear holds back most climbers especially those newer to the sport and The Rock Warrior’s Way provides a new way of thinking when climbing and not just how to climb.

If you were after a little something extra under the $7 mark, why not add in a handy keychain. These climbing hold keychains come in a range of different colours and let’s face it, keychains are darn useful.

Meru is a documentary by reknowned National Geographic filmmaker and climber Jimmy Chin with his co-director and wife Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi. It follows the perilous first ascent attempt of the 4000 ft ‘Shark’s Fin’ route up Mount Meru in the Indian Himalayas. It’s available to rent or buy and is sure to be a gripping watch.

These kooky socks are the perfect accompaniment to an otherwise sensible or…dare we say…drab work wardrobe.

A very well received memoir written by climbing legend Tommy Caldwell who is best known for the first free ascent of the Dawn Wall of Yosemite’s El Capitan along with climbing partner Kevin Jorgeson.  

Finger tape is a must for any climber that wants a temporary fix for any hand-related injuries whilst in the middle of a session at the wall or when out at the crag.

This chalk bag by Black Diamond features a zipped pocket (for phone, keys etc), cord-lock closure, brush holder and waist belt.  Trust me, that’s a whole lot for a chalk bag under 20 bucks!  If you fancy something kookier or fancier, check out our article on the best chalk bags and buckets out there.


Gifts for Rock Climbers Under $50

Improving your finger strength whilst enjoying a hot beverage is now a reality with this fabulous mug.  Comes in a range of climbing hold color variations.

This waterproof rechargeable battery pack can be recharged with mains electricity or…the sun!  Easy to hang from a backpack while hiking for on-the-go charging ability wherever they may be. 

These hand exercisers from CanDo can help climbers come back from injury or be used as a preventative measure to strengthen forearm and finger extensors.  Comes in a three pack with each one a different level of difficulty.

There are few climbers who don’t like coffee and this portable espresso maker from Wacaco is perfect for a quick caffeine fix.  Just pour in ground coffee, hot water and pump the piston to extract the coffee.  No electricity source required.

This comfy camping chair folds away into a tiny 14.20 x 5.20 inch stuff sack and weighs only 2 pounds!  A durable and versatile product – perfect for use by a campfire, to carry in a backpack or just to keep on standby in the car.

Tendonitis is one of the most common injuries for rock climbers – especially in the elbows.  This flexbar from Theraband works as both a rehabilitative tool and preventative measure – available in a range of resistance levels and comes with exercise instructions.

When hiking or on a long approach to a crag, no one wants to have to stop, take their pack off and root inside for a sip of water.  Having a platypus means water is always close at hand.  The malleable shape also takes on the shape of the backpack, allowing more room for other stuff.

The AeroPress is another great portable coffee option.  Coffee is made by pushing a layer of water followed by air through the ground coffee and filter, leaving the used grounds behind.  Light, simple and most importantly makes surprisingly good coffee.  I don’t go on a trip without mine.

A highly regarded and comprehensive guide covering the main zones of injury for climbers.  This largely consists of the elbows, fingers and shoulders. Understand what causes injury, how to come back from it and how to prevent it.  An absolute must-read for any serious climber.

This waterproof (up to 3.3 ft for 30 mins) head torch by Black Diamond comes with a variety of modes including full strength (300 lumens), dim, strobe and red night-vision.  Comes with a secure and adjustable strap.  Can’t be beaten on quality for this price!

A highly portable finger training device that’s easy to put up and train on anywhere in the world.  A solid alternative to buying a hangboard if low on space, in rented accommodation or for use when travelling.  The texture is grippy but not sandpaper-y.  The rock rings themselves hang freely for easy articulation of joints, so wrists don’t have to twist unnaturally when doing a pull-up, for example.

Foam rollers can be hugely helpful for climbers to help stretch out stubborn tense muscles or aid in injury recovery and relieve pain.  This one comes with access to a range of instructional videos and there are plenty more on the web.  The foam is firm but pliable and most importantly, durable.


Gifts for Rock Climbers Under $100

Popular belaying device that assists in catching the climber when they fall and is capable of independently supporting the weight of the climber resting on the rope.  This is hugely useful for saving strength and energy when belaying for long periods of time.  Capable of accommodating a wide range of rope diameters (8.9 to 11 m) but optimised for 9.4 – 10.3 mm ropes.

Waterproof and windproof blanket made of thick polartec fleece on one side and soft nylon on the other.  Durable versatile and packs down to a small size.  Great to keep in the car – can be used for warmth, as a picnic blanket etc and comes in a variety of colour options.

Smartwool is an American company that make quality 100% merino wool clothing.  This crew-necked mid-weight base layer is comfortable, warm and breathable.  

Merino’s natural properties make it an ideal material for high performance clothing.  It wicks moisture and resists odours so after a long day’s climbing, they won’t need a change of clothes.

A fantastic alternative to a tent – the ENO DoubleNest can fit two but is more comfortable solo.  Perfect for travelling – it’s cheaper, lighter and more compact than most tents.  One of the best-selling camping hammocks in the world for it’s affordability, quality durable construction and comfort.  Remember to buy straps to hang the hammock, they’re sold separately and can be found here.

Hangboards are a fantastic way of building and maintaining finger strength when unable to get to a crag or the climbing gym.  The Contact comes with a huge variety of holds including pockets, edges and pinches.  If you’d like to see more hangboard options, check out our article on the best hangboards for beginners.

Ideal for when travelling in remote areas, this portable solar panel is highly compact and light, coming in at 6.5 x 9.5 inches and weighs only 460g!  Capable of charging phones, GPS’s, cameras, kindles but not tablets.  

The Petzl Nimbo is a small and handy crash pad for use when boulderers (climbers that generally climb shorter routes without ropes) need to start a route sitting down or as a handy back-up pad to protect the space between two other pads.

And voilà, there you have it.  Our top gifts for climbers under $20, $50 and $100 – let us know of any suggestions for other great gifts in the comments.   And if you’ve found this article helpful, you can show your appreciation by clicking through to Amazon via one of our buttons and we may receive a portion of your purchase at no extra cost to yourself.  🙂

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