Best Etsy Jewelry Shops

Want some jewelry inspiration for yourself or as a gift?  It can be difficult finding what you want on Etsy and maybe you won’t know what you want until you see it?  So check out our wide-ranging but curated list of awesome Etsy jewelry shops, you’re sure to find something of interest.  Please note some links are affiliate links which hopefully can help us keep the lights on.  Let us know your favourite jewelry shops on Etsy in the comments, enjoy :).


New York, US

momentusny storefront

Price range:  $20 – $70

Style:  Modern, cute

MomentusNY has been going since 2010 with a range of affordable but modern personalised pieces (some can be personalised) – mainly necklaces and earrings.


Washington DC, US

RachelPfefferDesigns storefront

Price range:  $25 – $975

Style:  Quirky, contemporary, fine jewelry

RachelPfefferDesigns has a great variety of rings, earrings and necklaces with a distinctive slightly quirky style ranging from affordable to very fine indeed.  We think you’ll love Rachel’s items which she has been creating since 2007.

Patrick Irla Jewelry

Birmingham, Michigan, US

PatrickIrlaJewelry storefront

Price range:  $55 – $1,580

Style:  Fine, contemporary, inspired by nature

Patrick handcrafts all his pieces himself in his studio in Birmingham, Michigan.  His main medium is lost wax casting and he ensures all the materials he uses are of the highest ethical and green origins including conflict-free diamonds and using recycled metals.  He is available for custom work if you have something particular in mind.


Gay Head, Massachusetts, US

HAWKHOUSE storefront

Price range: $12 – $105

Style:  Raw crystal, electroformed minerals

A great shop for anyone into raw crystal jewelry, there are absolutely tonnes of options available and at very reasonable price points.


New York, US

LITTIONARY storefront

Price range: $15 – $650

Style:  Contemporary, minimalist

If you are after quality understated and minimalist everyday gold jewellery then look no further.  They are able to accommodate custom and personalised orders as well.


Tel Aviv, Israel

ShlomitOfir storefront

Price range:  $20 – $1,400

Style:  Contemporary

With over 1,000 pieces to choose from, this heavy hitter from Israel will not disappoint with their broad range of gold and silver fine necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, brooches and watches.  Despite their numerous sales they are able to maintain a 5 star average rating – not an easy thing to achieve.


Gothenburg, Sweden

AIRlab storefront

Price range:  $7 – $97

Style:  Super minimalist, modern, edgy, silver, delicate

Shani makes fantastic dainty and airy pieces that are both edgy and elegant.  Mainly made of silver, she loves geometric shapes and receiving custom order requests.


Berlin, Germany

VillaSorgenfrei storefront

Price range:  $20 – $50

Style:  Inspired by nature, quirky

Claudia makes beautiful and very unique pieces that she hand-finishes in her small studio in Berlin.  All the pieces are designed by her as well with her distinctive quirky style.  They are also very reasonably priced – what more can you want?



Aifosjewelry storefront

Price range:  $36 – $90

Style:  Quirky, unique, elf-like, inspired by nature

Though this shop has only been operating since 2020, we think you’ll love their gorgeous elf-like rings taking inspiration from twigs/branches and flowers.


New York, US

Everlijewelry storefront

Price range:  $28 – $475

Style:  Contemporary, minimalist

Shuang creates contemporary minimalist pieces of quality designed to celebrate your own journey.  Her pieces have an elegant simplicity about them but always with her own unique twist.  Check her out.


La Conner, Washington, US

GLDNxLayeredAndLong storefront

Price range:  $24 – $86

Style:  Gold, layering, boho

Another heavy hitter in terms of sales, this is a super popular shop and it’s easy to see why.  They have a very fashionable niche consisting of various affordable gold pieces to be worn alone or better yet layered on top of each other for extra impact.  Very du jour, very boho.


Chicago, Illinois, US

MineralogyDesign storefront

Price range:  $40 – $12,000

Style:  Contemporary with a twist

Theresa makes unique and classy pieces with rare minerals such as dalmatian jasper and Peruvian pyrite.  She combined her knowledge of earth sciences, mineralogy and art/design to create this joyful shop of engagement rings (hence the high price range) as well as other everyday pieces.  A must-see.


Paris, France

Kurafuchi storefront

Price range:  $6 – $65

Style:  Boho, minimalist, gold

Affordable fashionable pieces for layering and for that all important carefree boho look.  Huge variety with hundreds of pieces to choose from as well from charm and gemstone necklaces to anklets and hoop hearrings.  Certainly worth a browse if you love this look.


Newtown, Connecticut, US

Ashjewelrystudio storefront

Price range:  $36 – $98

Style:  Clean modern glamour, geometric, colourful

Ashlee creates gorgeous geometric pieces with a splash of colour out of delicate porcelain clay that undergoes no less than 3 firings in the kiln!  We love her bold lines mixed with smooth matte finishes contrasted against shiny glazes.  And all her components, chains, fixings etc are 14l gold-filled so you know they will last with good care.


Richmond, Virginia, US

PaulineStanleyStudio storefront

Price range:  $24 – $48

Style:  Modern but down-to-earth, geometric, colourful

Pauline’s shop is like a chocolate box of treats – not only does she offer lovely minimalist geometric modern jewelry but also thoughtful home decor pieces as well including baby mobiles and prints.


San Francisco, California, US

CollectedEdition storefront

Price range:  $35 – $60

Style:  Inspired by nature, eclectic, modern

Though covid has put a spanner in the works with made to order pieces, there are still some ready to ship pieces available from this lovely shop so maybe check back later for more options!  Kasia designs and handcrafts elegant metal jewelry inspired by nature from thorns to flowers to succulents and at a very reasonable price.


Santa Fe, New Mexico

AlmanacForJune storefront

Price range:  $38 – $238

Style:  Quirky, unique, eclectic, inspired by nature

Slightly dreamy but solid pieces, bit boho, bit hippy – I mean who isn’t inspired by the different phases of the moon right?  But all very wearable and on the right side of taste.


Surat, India

GoldenBirdJewellery storefront

Price range:  $90 – $1,200

Style:  Traditional, bling-y, interesting gemstones

If you want straight up bling in the more traditional sense with gemstones galore then you’ve come to the right place.  If you’re after just a gemstone then they offer that too as well as offering to design custom pieces to you using CAD software if you know exactly the sort of thing you want.


Valencia, Spain

TheManerovs storefront

Price range:  $300 – $2,400

Style:  Inspired by nature, classy, quality, unique

This wife and husband team create stunning pieces heavily inspired by nature but in a mix of styles – they are creatives and enjoy experimentation so have a look through and you may just find something to fall in love with.


Montreal, Canada

LeCubicule storefront

Price range:  $12 – $216

Style:  Super minimalist, skinny rings, knot rings, eco-friendly

Like it says on the tin, if you’re after some elegant minimalist skinny or knot rings crafted with ethical and environmentally friendly practices in mind then you’re in the right shop.  These ladies combine recycled precious metals with decidedly unfussy design.

Well that’s it from us, hope you found something you like, why not check out our other article on the best Etsy vintage shops and as always, thanks for reading! 🙂

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