Best Etsy Vintage Shops

Isn’t there something extra special about vintage clothing? The history…who it may have belonged to…the often superior quality and construction.  Not to mention the environmental benefits of buying vintage instead of buying new – especially from the harmful realms of fast fashion. 

Here we collate a collection of the best Etsy vintage shops for both women and men.  Do keep in mind that what you see in the photos may no longer be available as vintage means unique – there’s only one of those items available and it may have already been snapped up!  And we use affiliates links here so may earn a commission for any purchases you may make at no cost to yourself so thank you in advance for helping us keep the lights on 🙂



North Carolina, US

show the sorts of items available in inheritedattire

Period:  1890s – 1990s

Price range:  $28 – $868

An eclectic mix of one-off vintage finds from most decades including flirty 50s dresses, an Edwardian cabochon (basically a fancy metal belt) and funky 80s designer outfits from Escada, Yves Saint Laurent and Oscar de la Renta. Worthy of gracing the likes of the great Lady Di and at a very affordable price.


Ann Arbor, Michigan, US

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Period:  1910s – 1980s

Price range:  $55 – $2,400

The word I would use to describe this shop is ‘decadent’ – absolutely divine floaty intricately detailed and amazingly well cared for 20s velvet and silk dresses…Victorian amethyst and diamond rings…vintage Chanel suits…need I go on? Of course this all comes at a price so it is one of the more expensive shops on our list but a girl’s gotta dream right?  There’s even a bridal section if you want that extra special real vintage wedding dress…sigh.


Asheville, North Carolina, US

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Period:  1960s – Present

Price range:  $60 – $6,340

Designer, designer, designer! Elegant Christian Dior dresses, fancy Fendi fur coats, funky 80s Versace jumpsuits – it’s a chocolate box of outfits with every imaginable style and colour.  A real delight to browse and lots of it too with over 20 pages to go through and yes designer vintage does mean you’ll need to cough up a bit more moula.


Brooklyn, New York, US

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Period:  1910s – 1990s

Price range:  $35 – $350

Interesting sleek earthy pieces at affordable prices – along with great lookbooks for styling inspiration to help you bring these retro pieces into the modern world.


LA, California, US

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Period:  1930s – 1980s

Price range:  $22 – $295

A cute Californian shop where you can discover some great finds – be sure to check back again and again as they add new items every week and you never know what may turn up.  Floaty dresses, substantial but stylish 60s wool coats and vintage carpet bags…groovy.


Pottsville Beach, Australia

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Period:  1970s – 1990s

Price range:  $31 – $124

We are absolutely loving the slightly off-beat dreamy look that every piece has in this highly curated shop.  Yes not every piece can be traced to a specific year but if you like their beachy indie film vibe then who cares!  Do keep in mind though they’re in Australia so check all the shipping implications of that before buying.



show items in shop

Period:  Various

Price range:  $65 – $598

A rather mysterious shop I must say, we don’t know who the owner is or where they’re located and there’s hardly any description yet they are clearly very successful.  It’s not surprising to see why really with fantastic shots of each item styled and modeled with a lot of thought.  There’s a great mix of feminine and edgy pieces – effortlessly mixing Edwardian high-neck lace tops and black leather bustiers.


San Francisco, California, US

shop banner

Period:  Various (including modern)

Price range:  $? – the store is currently on a break while Laurel moves house

Great styling and curation with a plethora of gorgeous plus-size finds.  Laurel started this passion project after spending years working in fashion in New York and finding it a hostile and superficial environment.  This is her antidote to that world, a safe fashionable haven – we say more power to her!


Washington, US

items in shop

Period:  1950s – 1990s

Price range:  $12 – $1,400

We were surprised by this neat store – everything’s been done with care – the store itself is lovingly curated with unique pieces with something offbeat about them (they have some menswear too!).  You can tell they’ve opened this store for a purpose and are incredibly passionate about sustainability and reducing the harmful impact of fast fashion on our planet by offering this great alternative.  They also sell their own homemade salves and natural soaps.



Kansas City, Missouri, US

items in shop

Period:  1920s – 1980s

Price range:  $25 – $100

A good mix of authentic suit jackets, ties (lots of em), cufflinks, bow ties and other such manly pieces helpfully organised into small, medium and large sizes.  Super affordable as well with everything falling under the $100 mark though watch out they don’t accept returns/refunds if something doesn’t fit as they provide meticulous measurements of each item so double check it’ll fit you before buying!


Clintondale, New York, US

items in shop

Period:  1930s – 1990s

Price range:  $20 – $550

A very diverse shop incorporating not just suits and tuxedos but also a variety of military tunics and cargo pants as well as concert T shirts, tweed coats, jeans, snakeskin cowboy boots (!) and parkas.  Great to browse through for awesome outfit ideas.


Lublin, Poland

items in shop

Period:  1970s – 1990s

Price range:  $24 – $318

Modeled and styled for inspiration, we’re really liking this small independent vintage shop in Poland for loads of 90s-ware.  The 90s are back in fashion in a big way so if that’s what you’re looking for, definitely check this place out though be aware of shipping times before you make an order.


Brattleboro, Vermont, US

items in shop

Period:  1920s – 1990s

Price range:  $15 – $4,630

The diversity of items in this shop is off the hook!  There are hats, sunglasses, aprons, jeans, jackets, Hawaiian shirts, sheepskin coats, winter flannels and cufflinks from practically every time period too.  We are loving Jen and Vince’s quality, edgy and quirky vintage finds – there’s nothing bland and run of the mill here and you can tell they really care about their customers with their multitude of 5 star reviews.



Portland, Oregon, US

items in shop

Period:  1960s – 1980s

Price range:  $19 – $79

A funky mix of cateye, horn-rimmed, aviator, round and octagonal in range of colours and materials.  If you want highly unusual (at least for our days) glasses (no sunglasses) then this is definitely the shop for you.

There we have it, if you have a favourite shop we’ve not featured in our list then let us know in the comments!  If you’ve enjoyed this article, why not check out our article on the best Etsy jewelry shops to help complete your look.  And as always, thanks for reading 😉

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